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The Beer Fox

The Beer Fox

February 19 2012

Do you belong to a Ladies Beer Group in your local region?

When you meet, is it structured or loose?  What do you do?  Are there guests, do you have beer and food pairings, or do you meet at breweries for tours?  Do you each bring a beer to share, or do you buy beer at the place that hosts the event?

The Beer Fox
The Beer Fox
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I live in the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, dubbed the "Best Beer Drinking City in America" by Don Russell, aka Joe Sixpack, a beer reporter for the Philadelphia Daily News and author of 3 books on beer.  He is one of the founders of Philly Beer Week, and is the current director of Philly Beer Week.

Because of the attention Philly has gotten in the beer world, many women have discovered beer - AND formed beer groups in the region.  There are the
Women's In Pursuit of Ale (IPA) Club of Philadelphia, the West Chester Beer Ladies, the Media Beer Ladies, Pints and Purls, and Beer 4 Babes.  Just in about a 35 mile radius.  Last year, Natalie deChico, a member of the ALEiens Homebrew Club and New Jersey Sales Rep for Weyerbacher Brewing Company, won the title of Philly Beer Geek, along with $2800 in prizes.

As a professional member of the beer community (read that, "I get paid to do beer stuff"), I am a member of the Pink Boots Society, a global women's beer club in the commercial beer world.

I've given presentations to women's beer clubs (for free), including Beer 4 Babes, and All Ale the Ladies in Washington DC.  I will be giving seminars for women in Atlantic City, NJ at the end of March, 2012. 

Does your club teach you about beer, or do you just get together to share beer?  How does it work?  What benefits are you looking for?  Friendships?  Fun?  Education?  Guidance?  Cooking advice?