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The Beer Fox

The Beer Fox

February 20 2012

Have you ever brewed a Gluten Free Beer?

Would you ever try one, just for the adventure?  Brewing with Sorghum, or Buckwheat, or a combination of GF malts?

Jon Hebert
February 20 2012 Permalink
being a beginner, not sure if I have the ability to pull it off. I guess the first thing I need to do is try some on the market to get a feel for them. Have you ever tried one? I'm very afraid.
The Beer Fox
The Beer Fox
February 29 2012 Permalink
I haven't brewed a Gluten Free Beer, but tasted some really great ones - particularly from the Alchemist in Waterbury, VT. I just wrote an article about GF Beer for Zymurgy Magazine - due to be published around June/July 2012. Several recipes along with it - tried and true, highly recommended ones!

It seems to work best if you work with the natural tartness of the sorghum. You know, Belgian Yeast, tart fruit added, or assertive hops.

Being a beginner, you have an advantage - you'll learn from the start. LOL!
This is not something I have tried to brew as of yet. I have no idea where to get the buckwheat or sourghum. It would be a fun experiment.