Scott Crawford

Realizing a major need to upgrade BL's capabilities tonight.... I stopped by a local watering hole tonight in Houston and came across what might be the most kick-ass tap handle I've yet seen, from Guns & Oil Brewing Co in Austin... Tried to upload a photo from iPhone but no go. I'm working with Ash Sanieyan on the upgrade, despite a few delays it is on the way! September 10 2014
Founder and project lead overseeing deployment of the community and marketplace platforms.
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April 08 2011
What are your thoughts regarding beer?
I spent enough time on the consumption side of the industry that I felt it was finally time to give something back.
What is your favorite place to drink beer?
Always in the presence of great people and interesting conversation. Geographically though, having lived right around the corner for about a year, I always liked the Coal Hole in London, UK.
Are you a homebrewer?
I am not a homebrewer but am interested in learning.
What are your thoughts regarding homebrewing?
Homebrewing is one of those areas where I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can. I'm fascinated by the complexity and level of dedication required. Very inspiring!
What do you like most about
The potential for the platform to expand and adapt.