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Scott Crawford

Scott Crawford

January 17 2012
Hi Christopher, thanks for taking an interest in the project here. There are a few registered members from Sweden who've expressed an interest in learning about home brewing. It seems kind of natural to start a group focused on the subject so wanted to ask if you'd have an interest in either starting one or perhaps helping administer one?
Thank you Scott, and thanks to Carolyn S.for introducing this to me on Facebook.

I would be glad to help in some capacity and can spread the word as well.

Looks like a fantastic idea, ripe and ready as an outlet from the typical forum style communities, and a centralized platform to share with like-minded people, well done! In addition ,I would be interested in doing a historical approach to brewing as this is an area in which I have some experience and passion.

Thank you for reaching out to me!

Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford
January 18 2012 Permalink
Hey, great to have you here! When developing the vision I looked pretty heavily at how other platforms were being utilized, whether discussion forums, meet-up groups, or some of the rating-oriented websites, and where I see the potential with this platform is the flexibility to build community-driven custom applications that can evolve over time to meet community needs.

I'll go ahead and open up a general homebrewing group, and once you're set to follow it I can set you up as a co-administrator. I'm thinking it might be interesting to try crowd-sourcing the group avatar using the group's Photos application and see how it goes.