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It’s a Dog’s Life

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   November 10, 2014
: Best friend and best beverage - Do you find that you like beers that have the same traits as you find in your beloved Max?

From the Blue Dog Tavern to Good Dog Bar and Flying Dog Brewery, there’s no doubt that we Americans love our dogs so much we weave them into the names of our favorite watering holes. Surprised? When you consider the traits that make our pups so loveable, we can’t help associating those same traits...

The Art of Stewardship at the GABF

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   October 1, 2014
: Heroic measures - Keeping the GABF running smoothly takes the skills of an orchestra leader and the nerve of a disaster administrator.

As the competition for the Great American Beer Festival heats up, judges arrive in Denver faced with the challenge of finding the best representation of beer styles from every corner of the U.S. Over 5,000 beers compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. But have you ever thought about the heroic measures that keep...

How to Get Your Pumpkin On

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   September 10, 2014
: Pumpkin beers - They may not be loved by everyone, but for those of us who have a passion for them, they are the 7th wonder of the world.

Tonight is the last Super Moon of the year, and here I sit – in the pumpkin patch with dirt spattered on my jeans. For years, I have been one of Linus van Pelt’s sympathetic souls, awaiting the rise of the Great Pumpkin. Halloween night is still two months away, but I’ll waste no...

Four Beers that Are Naturally Good for You

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   August 19, 2014
: Multi-dimensional taste - With the expansion of craft brewing companies throughout the United States, beer has broken out of the corral.

Drifting into the local spice shop, I closed my eyes to maximize the sensations greeting my olfactory nerves. An exotic blend of herbs lingered in the air, and my mood seemed to lighten with each breath. There was something keenly pleasurable about the experience, one which was addictive in its own innocent way. Rosemary,...

Is Beer Just Baby Whiskey?

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   August 5, 2014
: Closely aligned - The argument could go either way, much like the chicken and the egg.

Choosing to cook with wine or beer adds a dimension of superiority to the chef as he coaxes hidden flavors to the surface. Soft nuances of crème brulee, tropical fruit, dark cherry, and baked challah live within the liquid, crying out to be paired with foods of equal match. A dram of whiskey works...

Mashing through Mountains SkAvery Style

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   July 21, 2014
: Will they finish? - From July 21st to July 25th brewers will be modeling themselves after the athletes in France’s ride of strength and endurance

Stories abound, about cyclists who led the ride in drenching rain, bore down with perseverance, despite dramatic crashes that would have stopped a lesser man, or had victory snatched from their grip in the final moment. The Tour de France, now in its 101st edition, has influence that reaches far beyond its European borders....

BrewDog – Barking to Top Dog Status

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   July 14, 2014
: Mad-wizards - With engines open with full steam, they have become the largest independent brewer in Scotland.

It must come from their youthful arrogance, or perhaps from the way BrewDog thinks outside the hexagon. Whatever it is, I feel anticipation at every corner, emblazoned by laughter as their brilliance unfolds. I can’t help wondering, “What’s next, you crazy dudes?” In 2007, Martin Dickie and James Watt, both 24 at the time,...

Fly Away Home Spacewalker

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   July 7, 2014
: Bold and balanced - Great Lakes Brewing Company continues its tradition of bringing attention to Ohio’s biggest breaking headliners

Let’s celebrate the spacewalkers of our generation with a beer that screams of the unexpected, one that crosses boundaries and flies in for a smooth landing. Great Lakes Brewing Company of Cleveland, Ohio, agrees. Proud of Ohio’s traditional role as the birthplace of aviation’s most admirable trailblazers, Great Lakes Brewing Company recognizes 25 astronauts...

Kick Ass Summer Beers

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   June 30, 2014
: Something for everybody - Which summer sizzlers have that not-to-be-missed factor? I can only start with a few to get your imagination going.

As you laze through the easy days of summer, your mind drifts into another world where palm trees sway as gently as the hips of a samba dancer. The sun beats, warm and soothing, on your torso as you listen to waves breaking on the shore. Gulls drift overhead, cawing as they dive toward...

Cardinal Sins in Beer Service

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   June 23, 2014
: Best practices - Those who make decisions for large restaurant franchisees control every aspect of the menu.

While the craft beer renaissance grows bigger by the day, it still amazes me that franchise-style restaurants who serve alcoholic beverages have such limited craft beer menus. They wear blinders, with no interest in satisfying the thousands of drinkers who prefer good craft beer with their meal. These restaurant chains choose to stay static,...

Homebrew Tips for New Brewers

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   June 16, 2014
: The joy of homebrewing - It is a sense of fun and friendship that has bestowed upon beer an enduring place in culture for thousands of years.

I should have seen it coming. The Table of Contents reminded me of the American Dictionary of Slang, with names like “Ooh La La, Saison,” “Bitchin’ Belgian White,” “Feels Like the First Time,” and “Jammin’ Jamaican Jingered Ale.” Beer may be a spiritual experience for some, but it is a sense of fun and...

Garrett Oliver Honored with James Beard Award

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   May 26, 2014
: A tireless crusader - The versatility of beer to fit with Hooters or Le Bernardin is the magic Oliver has acclaimed with gusto for over 25 years.

When you think of the drinks community, no doubt, Robert Parker comes to mind for wine commentary. Dale deGroff, long called “America’s foremost mixologist,” made a name for himself tending bar for over 20 years at distinguished establishments, not the least of which is the Rainbow Room in New York City. On the subject...

Beer Inspired by Ancient Scripts

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   May 12, 2014
: Biblical Brew-Off - Rabbi Eli Freedman's and Father Kirk Berlenbach's smack-down competition of biblical proportions.

Do you think of beer as being a part of religious expression? Woven amongst ancient wall art, stone carvings and papyrus scrolls, references of intoxication – through beer, wine, spirits and hallucinogenic herbs – are thought to be the means through which common man connected to the world of supernatural beings. And this evidence...

Quaffing with a Quiff in Seattle

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   May 5, 2014
: Enjoying the scenery - With a population of 630,000 residents, Seattle boasts 46 breweries and brewpubs in the city and fresh hairstyles.

Maybe you are fortunate to know my friend, Sebbie Buhler. If you don’t know her, you may have seen a portrait of her on a bottle of Rogue Chocolate Stout or on the cover of The Nickel catalog in the early 1980s. As past ambassador for Rogue Ales of Newport Oregon, Sebbie was so...

Beers with Sacred Properties

Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox), Featured Contributor   |   April 28, 2014
: The spiritual world - For the ancients, drunk allowed its peoples to achieve a personal relationship with their supernatural beings.

When Stephen Harrod Buhner wrote his book “Sacred and Ancient Healing Beers,” he looked carefully at the difference between the perspective of primitive man and that of our modern technological society. He observes that the ancient view was one in which “sacred is ever present with us, where all things possess a soul,” including...