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"Pabst An Excavation of Art" by Paul Bialas


"Pabst An Excavation of Art" is a 8.5" x 11.5", 188 page, hand signed and numbered photography book focusing on the abandoned buildings of the Milwaukee Pabst Brewery from author Paul Bialas. The book comes with an Authentic label from Pabst brewery, dust jacket, and an included 70 minute audio CD featuring interviews with former employees and historians telling fun stories from working at the brewery as well as the brewery's history.

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"I was drawn to this project because of the many feelings I experienced when entering these abandoned historical buildings. The cream city buildings stained with coal represent an era most of us have never personally known. The purpose of this book is to take you beyond a simple walk through an empty building and introduce you to the physical remains of the Pabst brewery, workers, and craftsmanship that made Milwaukee famous. Picketing signs, trophies, even the Harnischfeger ice cube tray represent decades of Milwaukee history. In my favorite pictures the rooms were basically left exactly as they were when the workers walked out on the last day, right down to the old Pabst bottle on the table in the break room, a true time capsule! I would like to share the Pabst brewery as I saw it . . . empty . . . humbling . . . and still full of life. Some of the other buildings are in use and give full time tours such as the Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion and Pabst Best Place. The chapters are as follows: The Pabst Brewhouse, The Malt House, The Bottling House, The Administrative Buildings, The Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion and Pabst Farms. The hard cover book is 187 pages, the ebook looks to be over 600. There are also facts about some of the photos and facts about each building. If you feel anything at all while viewing the photographs in this book then the purpose of its creation is complete. Also a bit of advice: The book alone is fine, but it goes great with a cold PBR!" - Paul Bialas May, 2012

"Pabst An Excavation of Art" includes an introduction by great grandson of Captain Pabst, August U. Pabst.

Hardcover: 190 pages

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0985672528

ISBN-13: 978-0985672522

Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 8.5 x 1 inches

Shipping Weight: 3 pounds

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