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July 07 2014

Fly Away Home Spacewalker

Let’s celebrate the spacewalkers of our generation with a beer that screams of the unexpected, one that crosses boundaries and flies in for a smooth landing. Great Lakes Brewing Company of Cleveland, Ohio, agrees.

Proud of Ohio’s traditional role as the birthplace of aviation’s most admirable trailblazers, Great Lakes Brewing Company recognizes 25 astronauts from Ohio with Spacewalker American Belgo, their Limited Edition hybrid released July 4th, 2014. Among Ohio’s twenty-five spacecraft heroes, nine men and women have logged time as spacewalkers, including Sunita Williams who holds the distinction of having the most spacewalk time for a woman (50 hours, 40 minutes) and the longest single space flight by a woman (195 days).

Spacewalker American Belgo is as bold and balanced as the astronauts it represents. With a touch of wheat drenched in a base of select barley malts, Spacewalker releases herbal and estery aromas of pear and banana into the air, developed through the combined action of Belgian yeast and Cascade, Nugget and the experimental ADHA881 hops. The golden body, topped with a thick alabaster head, delivers a crisp mouthfeel, rolling in flavors of summer fruits and earthy pleasures.

Paired side-by-side with The Wright Pils, Great Lakes’ June seasonal Czech Pils with noble hops, Spacewalker Ameican Belgo welcomes the grilled flavors of skewered shrimp, barbecued ribs, and cheesecake topped with peaches and cream.

A Little History, Please

Although many associate the Moon Walk with the 1983 black-hat and sequined-glove performance of Michael Jackson, the robotically-executed dance move has its roots in routines as far back as 1932, when Cab Calloway performed his bi-weekly TV routines at the famous Cotton Club in Harlem’s hot jazz club in New York City.

But let’s go one better, to 1969, when Neil Armstrong of Ohio sunk his boots into the Moon’s soil as American commander of the Apollo 11 space mission. Add a few decades of experience to the re-tooled Space Walk, executed outside the confines of the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station in zero gravity. This giant leap expanded further into the Space Run when Sunita Williams completed the Boston Marathon from space on April 16, 2007, while in orbit aboard the International Space Station.

Ohio astronauts are among the most accomplished in the worldwide space program, displaying a heritage of innovation, adventure, and a commitment to excellence. The most famous among them include:

  • John Glenn, first American to orbit the Earth and oldest person to complete a space flight
  • Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the moon
  • Judith Resnik, second American female astronaut; lost her life on the Challenger
  • Jim Lovell, first flight to leave the Earth’s orbit in 1968, first to witness Earth rise, second human space flight in the United States, and Commander of Apollo 13 (with Jack Swigert and Fred Haise)
  • Sunita Williams, longest single space flight by a woman, most spacewalk time for a woman including seven total spacewalks, first Boston Marathon in orbit aboard the International Space Station

Ohio’s Spacewalkers include Gregory J. Harbaugh, G. David Low, Carl Walz, Nichael Foreman, Sunita Williams, Michael L. Gernhardt, Michael T. Good, Neil Armstrong, and Kathryn Sullivan (born in New Jersey, but a resident of Ohio before moving to California). Michael Gernhardt performed the first U.S. spacewalk from the International Space Station; Kathryn Sullivan was the first American woman to walk in space; and Robert Overmyer piloted the first fully operational flight of the shuttle in 1982.

Great Lakes Brewing Company, founded in 1988 by Patrick and Daniel Conway, continues its tradition as the first brewpub and microbrewery in Ohio – one that brings attention to Ohio’s biggest breaking headliners. The 1975 loss of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald in Lake Superior inspired the ruby-esque Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, with round coffee and chocolate maltiness. In honor of Naval Officer Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, who won a Gold Congressional Medal for his leadership during the Battle of Lake Erie (during the War of 1812), Great Lakes introduced the resinous, pungent and caramelly Commodore Perry IPA. Eliot Ness Amber Lager draws attention to the bullet holes in the Great Lakes brewpub, allegedly the result of gun battles fought by Cleveland’s famous Director of Public Safety during Prohibition; and Nosferatu Imperial Red, drenched in a solid malt backbone and veins of brandy and orange, recalls tales of Count Orlok, the bloodthirsty vampire of the Carpathian Mountains of Germany.

The release of Spacewalker American Belgo focuses a clear spotlight upon the men and women who shape the future with global cooperation and bold commitment.

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