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Not a fad :  The global brewing community recognizes the importance of going green, and has taken up the torch.
“Go green, young man, go green!” might well be the best advice for the youth of our planet. Although I remember this adage from my grandmother and great aunts, as they grew their own vegetables and put up (as they called it) everything from peaches and jellies to corn and spaghetti sauce, I seem to have forgotten it in a world on fast-forward. Women stretched between the work-force and family life, kids in sports travel-teams, men living on the road and on their iPhones, and little time for anything else ... “fast” became the name-of-the-game: fast cars, fast internet connections, fast food, and foods that grow fast, pumped up with chemicals that accelerate the growing process. This was not … is not, good for us. Obesity, cancers of all types, diabetes and heart failure are on the rise, as are the rate of carbon dioxide emissions and global warming. When will we wake up? Fortunately, many brewers (both small and large) in the beer industry are answering the call of    Read More...

Tools to design your own level of engagement

Industry Member profiles give your beer-oriented business an outgoing voice in the BeerLovers community, providing a means of keeping enthusiasts informed and up-to-date.

This outgoing voice can be configured to echo on other social platforms, so that a single update will reach multiple communities and save you time in getting your message out to your dedicated followers as well as a broader audience.

Within the BeerLovers community your level of engagement can be optionally increased by adding and configuring social applications designed to enable multi-directional communications. For example, our Discussions application is similar to a traditional forum but relates only to your business and can be configured as to who can see the discussions and who can initiate discussion topics.

Additional modes of engagement are being developed to supplement your communications: photo albums... blogs... events management... and other applications specially designed for beer lovers.

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