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Full circle effect :  The largest commercial beer competition to date, the 2014 competition featured 4,754 entries from 58 countries.
The export of American beer is a growing phenomenon according to Bob Pease, the Chief Operating Officer for the Brewers Association, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Funded by the US Department of Agriculture, the Brewers Association Export Development Program enjoyed a 49% growth overall on exports in the past year, indicating that the word is out: “The best beer in the world is being made by American craft breweries,” he said. A review of the top five markets - Canada, Sweden, UK, Australia, and Japan – indicates what Pease calls the “full circle effect.” Speaking of the American craft beer movement and its explosive growth in the international market, Pease continued, “We emulated their beers; now they are emulating ours.” Circling back onto itself, the international market wants to be involved in the American craft beer scene. The 2014 World Beer Cup, held in Denver, Colorado, USA, was the “largest commercial beer competition to date,” according to    Read More...

Tools to design your own level of engagement

Industry Member profiles give your beer-oriented business an outgoing voice in the BeerLovers community, providing a means of keeping enthusiasts informed and up-to-date.

This outgoing voice can be configured to echo on other social platforms, so that a single update will reach multiple communities and save you time in getting your message out to your dedicated followers as well as a broader audience.

Within the BeerLovers community your level of engagement can be optionally increased by adding and configuring social applications designed to enable multi-directional communications. For example, our Discussions application is similar to a traditional forum but relates only to your business and can be configured as to who can see the discussions and who can initiate discussion topics.

Additional modes of engagement are being developed to supplement your communications: photo albums... blogs... events management... and other applications specially designed for beer lovers.

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