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Heroic measures :  Keeping the GABF running smoothly takes the skills of an orchestra leader and the nerve of a disaster administrator.
As the competition for the Great American Beer Festival heats up, judges arrive in Denver faced with the challenge of finding the best representation of beer styles from every corner of the U.S. Over 5,000 beers compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. But have you ever thought about the heroic measures that keep all the wheels running smoothly? It takes the skills of an orchestra leader and the nerve of a disaster administrator. Take a lesson from Danny Williams, the iconic cellar master who served at the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup for more than 10 years until his death in 2012. Organizing became such a passion for Williams that it spilled out into his personal life. In his spare time, Danny carved-out his own block-long man cave from a Boulder, Colorado mountainside, filling it with 2,500 different beers that he shelved by style, title and category. That was his own personal statement about service to the beer community. Beers that arrive for    Read More...

Tools to design your own level of engagement

Industry Member profiles give your beer-oriented business an outgoing voice in the BeerLovers community, providing a means of keeping enthusiasts informed and up-to-date.

This outgoing voice can be configured to echo on other social platforms, so that a single update will reach multiple communities and save you time in getting your message out to your dedicated followers as well as a broader audience.

Within the BeerLovers community your level of engagement can be optionally increased by adding and configuring social applications designed to enable multi-directional communications. For example, our Discussions application is similar to a traditional forum but relates only to your business and can be configured as to who can see the discussions and who can initiate discussion topics.

Additional modes of engagement are being developed to supplement your communications: photo albums... blogs... events management... and other applications specially designed for beer lovers.

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