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Multi-dimensional taste :  With the expansion of craft brewing companies throughout the United States, beer has broken out of the corral.
Drifting into the local spice shop, I closed my eyes to maximize the sensations greeting my olfactory nerves. An exotic blend of herbs lingered in the air, and my mood seemed to lighten with each breath. There was something keenly pleasurable about the experience, one which was addictive in its own innocent way. Rosemary, ginger, and hints of cinnamon commanded my attention. These are good-for-you spices that top the list for aromatherapists and holistic medicine. Since my life slants to the beer side of the fence, I actively seek out beers that complement a healthy lifestyle. When the country was hell-bent on producing nothing but industrial lagers, the banquet table focused on one-dimensional taste. It was bready and bitter, with no surprises, except for the occasional skunk-in-the-bottle that was released when dad left his Hamm’s in the midday sun. With the expansion of craft brewing companies throughout the United States, beer has broken out of the corral. Possibilities of    Read More...

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Industry Member profiles give your beer-oriented business an outgoing voice in the BeerLovers community, providing a means of keeping enthusiasts informed and up-to-date.

This outgoing voice can be configured to echo on other social platforms, so that a single update will reach multiple communities and save you time in getting your message out to your dedicated followers as well as a broader audience.

Within the BeerLovers community your level of engagement can be optionally increased by adding and configuring social applications designed to enable multi-directional communications. For example, our Discussions application is similar to a traditional forum but relates only to your business and can be configured as to who can see the discussions and who can initiate discussion topics.

Additional modes of engagement are being developed to supplement your communications: photo albums... blogs... events management... and other applications specially designed for beer lovers.

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